We have just come back from the AACI in Netanya and are now playing your CD which we are thoroughly enjoying.

We live half  of the year in Israel and half  of the year in London. We can honestly say that your performance to-night would do credit to a West End Theatre in London.  It was just superb in every way. I am the woman to whom you said you could see me singing and smiling all the way through!  Thank you.

Just one point which caused a family argument to-night with both my husband and some friends!!   It is with regard to the film  Beaches. You said that  the character played by Barbara Hershey in the film died of cancer.  I said  that she had heart problems - my husband and friends all agreed with you!

However, I was determined to be proved right!  Typical woman!  I  went on  to the web and have taken the liberty of forwarding to you the relevant part of the review of the film.

The character did  have a heart condition – a weakened muscle as I remember caused by an infection some time earlier. She did not die of cancer.

Good luck with your show in Tel Aviv – I am sure it will be a great success.

I hope we get a chance to see you  perform again soon

All good wishes

Anita and David Berke

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